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In 1998 opened the first store under the brand Glaza. The basic objectives of the company are fast and qualitative progress of the brand. The fact confirming this assertion is the existence of more than 10 stores under the brand Glaza at this time. Glaza is a brand that has become a byword for quality goods. The shop offers a wide range of Greek, Italian and Bulgarian products. The company develops and supports its own brand, which further ensures high quality and preferential prices.


The company respects its customers and strives to satisfy their desires. In this respect, our motto is "We work for you because you trusted us." We maintain a wide range of products at competitive prices. Expanding its activity, the company is an innovator in the field of franchise development for the whole country in its field.

Business sector and major activities

Chain stores Glaza offers a wide selection of men's and women's dress, casual and athletic shoes and leather accessories.
The products are from the collections of Bulgarian, Greek and Italian manufacturers whose names are a guarantee of quality. The design team of
professionals in Glaza takes care to develop models of shoes, consistent with recent trends in the footwear industry.

Markets and positioning

Chain stores Glaza is situated in Varna.
Includes over 32 shops and warehouse for wholesale. The vision of our stores complies fully with the interior, designed by the company.
Employee of the company takes care of arranging the stores and care for the quality presentation of products.

Human resources

Company employees are qualified shop assistants with long experience and well established system for handling customers.
The managers of commercial sites have innovative thinking and skills in implementing new ideas and projects.
The company has over 39 sales assistants, design team, team maintenance, transportation department, financial department and managers.
Each employee must pass a training course and qualification.

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